Mighty Boosh Story

Most of the times, it is also the comedians who write their stuff. They know how to make the audience laugh consistently. BBC commissioned a radio series for the Mighty Boosh and it began to a high to medium success rate. It would be great if they can target their jokes to a worldwide audience but their accent is pretty hard to understand so they must have subtitles. Their voices are good enough anyway because they had a radio show.

Some people just like listening to music on the radio though. You will rarely find a porn deal radio station that plays music all the time as the DJ would usually speak and get some callers in. You can’t blame them because some endorser probably told them to do that and that is how radio stations make money. You can tell the fans of the Mighty Boosh missed it since they drew 1 million viewers on its first episode alone. You can be some fans are already looking forward to the fourth series if there will ever be one. The only thing they can do is hope because it looks like the original cast members have split up and did something else with their lives. You can’t blame them though.