Is the Mighty Boosh funny?

The Mighty Boosh is a British comedy troupe featuring some good actors. It had a good run in BBC 3 and BBC 2. It was so successful during its TV run that the creators discussed in making it a feature film. It had a million viewers when it came out so discussions about another season quickly happened. Believe it or not, the Mighty Boosh was actually named after the hairstyle of co-star Michael Fielding. It is hard enough to get people laughing at you so having a million people laugh at you is one big accomplishment. You must have the right facial expressions and your voice must be on point as well. However, some of their porn coupons and jokes are only meant for a certain type of audience so some people probably won’t be able to relate to the jokes. If that happens then they might lose interest so you can blame that on the writers.