Friday 5 February 2016
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New Fashion Marketplace launces

RagRetail ( is new to the arena in fashion marketing and provides brands a direct channel to consumers. Each brand that appears on the site is carefully selected based on the quality of the items and services they offer, which means that consumers can rest assured knowing that they are receiving a superior product for the money.

RagRetail’s mission is not only to provide a broad selection of apparel from all the top brands, but also to give new and upcoming brands the opportunity to showcase their items as well. This approach fosters an inclusive community and inspires competition between makers with various different approaches and capabilities. It also allows consumers to choose from a much wider selection of the hottest products and trends, while the companies themselves learn a great deal about what is hot and what is not at the moment.

RagRetail features quality brands such as Serge DeNimes , Chptr and Vrse, Pendleton, and Dirty Angels, and new vendors are being added all the time. With RagRetail, shopping online for clothing has never been easier or more secure. Each store guarantees the quality of their products, and every product is presented with a clear description as well as a gallery of several photographs.

RagRetail also offers several search options to help consumers find exactly what they are looking for, and they provide a fair return policy, so if an item does not work out, it can be sent back to the retailer for a full refund. Shoppers will also find a reviews section where they can learn about any issues with the product before they buy it.

One of the most unique aspects of RagRetail is that they allow each vendor to fully customize their profile and the platform on which they sell their products, which results in a very unique consumer experience. RagRetail focuses on consumer choice, featuring numerous brands that are less well known but still recognised for the quality of products they offer.

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